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Number the Stars

Module 3: Newbery/Printz/Coretta Scott King/Pura Belpre Winners/SLIS 5420


 Lowry, Lois. (1989). Number the Stars. New York: Bantam Doubleday Dell Books for Young Readers.


 Annemarie is just a normal girl Danish girl who plays with her friend Ellen and gets irritated with her little sister, Kirsti – but soon Annemarie will be called to become a hero as the Nazi occupation of Denmark escalates to a point that there is much danger.  Annemarie’s family will be brave and try to help their Jewish friends to escape the Nazis, and Annemarie will learn how to have courage in the face of extreme fear, danger, and loss. Will Annemarie and her family succeed in helping their friends escape?  What lessons about life and people will Annemarie learn?  Can she and her family overcome the hatred of the Nazis through the demonstration of loyalty to the ones they love? Lowry’s beautifully written story comes from the heart and speaks volumes about the power of the human spirit and love for one another.


Grade 3-7. “The gripping story of a ten-year-old Danish girl and her family’s courageous efforts to smuggle Jews out of their Nazi-occupied homeland to safety in Sweden. Readers are taken to the very heart of Annemarie’s experience, and, through her eyes, come to understand the true meaning of bravery.”

(1997). Review of Number the Stars. School Library Journal.  Retrieved from


Number the Stars is the perfect book for a guided book discussion with discussion questions (break the group into smaller groups and assign one discussion question per group; bring the group back together and have each group report their discussion, and allow time for the group to discuss with one another on all of the questions after the group reports).  Another idea for using this book in the classroom is to have groups created illustrated summaries and present them to the class. The class will be able to get different perspectives of the story as seen through the eyes of their classmates, which will allow for a chance for discussion.  Talk about bravery – would they be brave in a similar situation?

Newbery Award Winner,1990.


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