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Miracle’s Boys

Module 3 – Newbery/Printz/Coretta Scott King/Pura Belpre Winners/SLIS 5420


Woodson, Jacqueline. (2000). Miracle’s Boys. New York: G.P. Putnam’s Sons.


Three sons have lost their mother.  Three brothers might lose one another.  Charlie, Lafayette, and Ty’ree struggle with grief and anger in their own ways.  Will they be able to hold it together, or will their family be torn apart?  Will they remember that love is what matters most, and put aside their differences to work together as brothers?  Woodson’s novel about three young men struggling in the world and with each other is honest and touching.  Woodson’s honest voice and insight make this novel a book that you won’t easily forget.  Standing by one another and not giving up is the way we can all survive with grace in a world that too easily tears us apart.


“This is a quiet novel that you can read quickly.  All the action takes place in one day, but it never feels hurried or too busy.  If you are looking for a book that makes violence, gang life, and fighting brothers seem dramatic or glamorous, this is not the book for you.  But if you want to read a realistic story about how these elements of urban life affect a small, loving family, try reading MIRACLE’S BOYS. Laf has tremendous reserves of kindness and love, and the bravery to show his emotions when he feels them. This whole novel is sometimes very sad, but it ends on a hopeful note. And as is usual with this author’s work, it’s also very beautiful.”

Torpie, Kate. (2011). Review of Miracle’s Boys. Retrieved from


Woodson’s honest portrayal of a family torn apart by grief would make a good book for a book talk for teens that would focus on books about loss and family dynamics. It could also be talked about in the context of sibling issues and used with other books about how siblings interact in negative and positive ways.

Winner of the Coretta Scott King Award

Texas Lonestar Reading List 2002-2003


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